{Vegan} Cupcakes for Cassie!


Please save the date for another rewarding Purple Pig Project event!

For our first event of 2014, the Purple Pig Project will begin collecting donations to sponsor Cassie, one of the cows residing at Maple Farm Sanctuary.

Unlike many rescued animals who take advantage of the space and freedom their new homes provide them, Cassie suffers from debilitating anxiety and has yet to leave her barn. Her guardians at MFS have worked tirelessly to give her a life of peace and love within the boundaries that Cassie has established for herself, and are slowly making progress. You can read Cassie’s amazing story here.

Please join Linda and Monika for a lavish vegan luncheon and cupcake exchange at Linda’s home on Saturday, February the 22nd.

Everyone who attends will leave with a dozen cupcakes of their choice. Lunch will be provided – Monika and Linda will take care of the meal, so that guests can focus on their cupcakes! If you would like Linda or Monika to stand in as a pinch baker on your behalf, we are more than happy to do so. You’ll need to indicate this when you sign up.

Need vegan cupcake inspiration? Check out this book, the author’s site for some of the book’s recipes, or just Google “vegan cupcake recipes.” Instant inspiration, I promise!

The lowdown:

If you bring a dozen cupcakes for the exchange, the event fee is $25.
If you do not bring cupcakes for the exchange and would like a pinch baker, the fee is $40.

CASH only please, you will be given a receipt.

If you don’t bring cupcakes, you still need to bring a storage container. Everyone who attends will leave with a dozen cupcakes.

The event begins at 11 a.m.

Please RSVP at this link; space is limited!


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