Baked Goods Price List

Homemade vegan baked goods are sold at many of our fundraising venues throughout the year.  A handful of our frequent contributors have also been asked to bake for private events such as weddings and baby showers.  In fact, this is happening with such frequency that we (the bakers) have decided to publish a standardized price list.  This list is always available at organized sales, and will be the list we use when pricing private events, too.

We make every effort to include gluten free options at our bake sales, but we cannot promise that they will be available every single time.  If you are gluten free and plan on coming to an event, please send an e-mail to purplepigproject (at) gmail (dot) com to find out if gluten free items will be offered.  Thanks!

Price list

Cupcakes $2.50
Scones, rolls, brownies and bars $2.50
Intricate/oversized rolls and pastries $4
Cookies, traditional – bag of three $3
Cookies, intricate/oversized – bag of two or three $5
Individual cookies, traditional – $1.50
Individual cookies, intricate/oversized $2-$3
Tartlettes and hand pies $4
Miniature loaves $4

Items not on this list may sometimes be offered.  All items on this list are not guaranteed to be at every sale.  Prices subject to change.

List updated 08 February 2013


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